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Welcome to CoronTown.com, where we attempt to provide some insight and guidance regarding how to get here, where to stay, and what you can do once you arrive.

Coron town is located on Busuanga Island, south west of Manila and to the north of the main island of Palawan. It is a small, parochial, fishing town with little, or no, interest in tourism. This town is the centre of trading for the entire Calamianes group of islands and has a fairly large market situated right on the sea front to make trading easily accessible for locals visiting by banka - a Filipino out-rigger boat.

There is no beach in the town and none of the accommodation in the town provides a swimming pool. However, if you would like to take a break from diving and spend some time on a beach, the Calamianes Islands are made up of many, many tiny islands, the majority of which offer white sand beaches, and are but a short boat-ride away from Coron town. Local out-rigger style bankas can be chartered via this site or locally, on arrival, to take you to the destination of your choice.

90% of all tourists visiting Coron do so because of the scuba diving on the wrecks and coral reefs, both in Sangat bay and the surrounding areas of Busuanga island. The wrecks are the remains of a Japanese supply fleet, attacked and sunk during a famous air-raid by the US Navy back on September 24th 1944 and constitute some of the finest diving in the entire Philippines. In fact, if one considers the concentration of wrecks in relatively shallow, warm water, with reasonable visibility, Coron can justifiably rank as one of the best wreck diving locations in the World.

There are no 5-star hotels nor fancy restaurants in Coron, as there are no 5-star nor fancy tourists: we are virtually all divers:) The accommodation and dining we have are all family run, comfortable, homely places, rather than designer decorated palaces. Similarly there are no MacDonalds nor Wendy's, and no ATM's either, so read the page on money changing very carefully! Everything here is very relaxed, so chill out!

Remember this is Asia. Not only is this Asia, but this is Asia in the countryside, not the big city.This is a Philippine town catering for Filipinos, therefore 'Western' standards, of anything you care to mention, have little or no importance here.

Do not expect prompt or speedy service anywhere you go: speedy does not exist here. This is a world where everything happens tomorrow - if you are lucky! In fact, it is the perfect place to take a vacation because you are almost forced to unwind. Asia is very different from the West, and the Westerners living out here are very grateful for that: it's the reason most of us are here. Come and enjoy the difference. Experience our way of life and we are sure you will return. It is a fact that, on average, visitors to the Philippines return ten times.

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