Coron Island

Busuanga Airport

A Ferry at Coron


Here you'll find some of the common questions, that are answered in full within the main site, but are provided here for all the lazy people, like me, who can't be bothered to browse!

God bless ya, and if you're a lazy diver you're welcome to come diving with me anytime you fancy! Diving against currents, surface swims and finning at 100mph are definitely against my religion!

  • Can I get to Coron by ship?
  • Can I get a connecting flight to Coron from Manila?
  • Are there hotels with good beaches and swimming pools in Coron?
  • When is the best weather in Coron?
  • Is there only wreck diving in Coron?
  • When are the best conditions and visibility for diving?
  • What are the telecommunications facilities in Coron?
  • Can I change foreign currency in Coron?